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The Casino Business Podcast

Jan 15, 2021

There are over 1,000 active casinos in the United States and just about every one of those has a different market. Knowing, examining, and studying these specific markets can lead to newfound data that can make a massive impact on the financial success of the property. URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, dives deep into casino marketing analytics with Principle of Strategic Casino Marketing Solutions, Heidi Hamers, in this recent interview. How to find key segments and capitalize on incentives, how to best serve your market, how to use different studies to uncover impacting information, and more are discussed in this informative interview.

Topics discussed include:

-Impact analytics has on revenue

-New market segmentation & analysis

-Importance of Gravity studies

-How to uncover opportunities within key segments

-Casino role differentiation to best serve

-Importance of casino host productivity measures

– Finding incentive opportunities to capitalize on

– Production from pre-work and knowing player preferences

– Flaws in real-time rule triggers

– Defining your incentive program based on your market