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The Casino Business Podcast

Apr 20, 2021

Casinos have tons of different types of data stored that, more often than not, goes unused and takes up system space. But what if this data was used to solve problems and challenges and determine new areas to leverage? After discovering the major problems casino operators have, Casino Science found a way to capitalize on this unused information and turn it into a strategic asset for their casino partners. TRIO360 and URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, interviews Azam Husain, CEO of Casino Science, to dive into how Casino Science’s origin story, how they turn data into a strategic asset, and more!

Topics Discussed Include: 

  • The origin of Casino Science
  • Moving online players to the real casino
  • Casino operators 3 largest problems
  • Targeted consulting engagements
  • Problems that data science solves
  • Services and solutions offered by Casino Science
  • Analyzing different markets 
  • Using data as a strategic asset
  • How to get growth without new acquisition strategies
  • Driving trips in a competitive market
  • Player’s divided loyalty
  • Challenges player development faces
  • Transforming casino hosts to be sales driven

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