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The Casino Business Podcast

May 14, 2021

Its obvious nowadays that data is vital in the progression of any industry. For example, viewers of the movie, Moneyball, saw the impact that analytics had within the sport of baseball. New and improved algorithms and data sets have been making extreme breakthroughs within the casino space. Craig Shacklett, CEO of URComped and TRIO360, conducts a panel interview with Az Husain, CEO of Casino Science, and Ben Koff, Owner & Principal of the Hidden Upside, to discuss pivotal points in casino analytics, player tracking, recent advancements, and more!
Topics Discussed:
- Pivotal point for casino analytics
- History of casino player tracking
- How loyalty programs got started in casinos
- Tracking table games vs slot machine play
- Advantages of a Data-first approach
- Harrah's impact on analytics
- Key Metrics discovered
- ADT breakthrough
- Importance of casino hosts
- What data algorithms lack
- How transparent should comping systems be to players
- Impact of Cloud-based infrastructure, Machine learning, and AI
- Player worth: Non-gaming spend vs. gaming spend