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The Casino Business Podcast

Apr 23, 2021

Most CRM software is built to be serviceable to multiple industries with general sales’ needs in mind. These broad and versatile systems are probably helpful in many industries, but when it comes to casino gaming, specifically player development, these general systems’ help, can only go so far.

Casino hosts provide niche and unique services that appeal and sell to VIPs such as long-term relationship building, exclusive access, and hospitality, special travel and accommodations, and so much more. TRIO360 represents a radical shift in Casino Marketing technology as the first unified multi-channel communication platform specifically designed for the unique needs of casino hosts, player development executives and casino marketers.

Azam Husain, CEO of Casino Science, interviews Craig Shacklett, URComped and TRIO360 CEO, to learn about how this game-changing software was created, what makes it different from other CRMS, the positive impact it has on casino marketing, and more!

Topics discussed:

  • URComped and TRIO360 origin story
  • What do VIP players want
  • A.C.T.S model
  • Using host and player feedback to build effective software
  • TRIO360’s product launch
  • Results of the first TRIO360 trial
  • Qualities of a great salesperson
  • Player Development steps to switch to a sales-driven model
  • Strangest request from a VIP player

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