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The Casino Business Podcast

May 27, 2021

Famous casino movies like “21,” “Oceans Eleven,” “James Bond,” and “Casino” have entertained the masses with stories of casino scams. However, the majority of real scams fly under the radar and are conducted by professional casino cheats who make a living using tricks to win. A former professional casino cheat, Richard Marcus, who got away with tricking casinos out of millions of dollars over 25 years, is now a table game protection consultant and trainer. Craig Shacklett, CEO of URComped and TRIO360, interviews Richard Marcus to hear his story, how he got away with it, what methods he uses now to train dealers and surveillance to catch “guys like him,” and more! 

Topics Discussed Include: 

  • How Richard Marcus became a professional casino cheat 
  • What moves and tricks Richard Marcus used to cheat 
  • What really happens in the “casino backroom” 
  • Inside scams vs scams that don’t involve casino employees 
  • High tech scams vs. Old school tricks 
  • Savannah Scam 
  • Most common form of cheating 
  • Defending the casino against casino cheats 
  • Cheats vs Advantage Players 
  • Table Game and Game Protection conference

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