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The Casino Business Podcast

Jun 21, 2021

The process of onboarding a new software can take time, learning, and feedback. Ultimately this process can make a massive impact on the future success of the product. This period will be full of user feedback and questions as well as learning hurdles that can provide insight for future improvements. Juan Romero, CEO of Volante Software, and Craig Shacklett, CEO of TRIO360 and URComped, discuss their onboarding experiences and thoughts, business journeys, ideas to tackle challenges and compare their experiences as growing, software companies within the casino industry.

Topics Discussed:

  • Onboarding experience advice
  • Creating Onboarding goals
  • The difference in onboarding when you grow
  • Value of feedback during onboarding
  • Importance of Sales team knowledge and use of the product
  • Follow-ups and updates with customers
  • Giving consumers best practices prior to the solution

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