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The Casino Business Podcast

Jun 15, 2021

The casino industry is full of innovators that think of ideas and build products to better improve various aspects. Taking an idea and growing it into a full-throttle business is an enormous task that doesn't happen overnight. Juan Romero, CEO of Volante Software, and Craig Shacklett, CEO of TRIO360 and URComped, discuss their journey, share thoughts and ideas to tackle challenges, and compare their experiences as growing, software companies within the casino industry.

Topics Discussed Include:

- Scaleability

- How do you scale your company?

- Deciding what issues to prioritize

- Risks involved in scaling

- B2B vs. B2C selling

- Figuring out the Sales Model/Sales Cycle

- Improving from failed interactions

- What hurdles URComped faced as it grew

- Determining where growth comes from

- Service vs. operational dilemmas

- Finding the right customer

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