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The Casino Business Podcast

May 17, 2021

Software companies have a lot of similar experiences. Juan Romero, CEO of Volante Software, and Craig Shacklett, CEO of TRIO360 and URComped, share thoughts, stories, challenges, and ideas as similar growing software companies within the casino industry. Their roadblocks, challenges, success, and business journey bring insight to one another as well as the listener, even though their software appeals to different niche areas within casino gaming.

Topics discussed include:
- Developments from Customer Feedback
- New module creation
- Importance of industry experience
- Finding the "Why" in new features
- Recent TRIO feedback
- Benefits of repurposing something you already use
- New feature for TRIO360
- Advantages of non-gaming and gaming experience
- Solving problems by looking at other industries
- Marketing a new product/module
- NIGA2021

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