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The Casino Business Podcast

May 7, 2021

Software startups face a lot of the same challenges, roadblocks, opportunities, and successes to celebrate. Juan Romero, CEO of Volante Software, and Craig Shacklett, CEO of TRIO360 and URComped, share ideas as similar growing software companies within the casino gaming space. Although they have different niche industry areas that they appeal to, these entrepreneurs’ stories, thoughts, conversations, and business journeys bring value to one another as well as the listener.

Topics discussed include:

  • Defining your brand
  • Making meaningful proposals
  • Knowing what matters to your audience
  • How to include multiple departments in solutions
  • Hiring outside consultants with an invested interest in collaboration
  • Importance of capital to sustain campaigns
  • Legitimacy over Volume
  • Competitive advantage and demonstrating that value effectively
  • How operations are impacted by TRIO360
  • The significance of training- “habits are powerful”
  • Volante Software newest addition